Why Choose Our Block Salt?

Our Block Salt in Southampton

With over 30 years of installing water softeners and supplying block salt for water softeners, we believe in the value of good quality salt for any machine.

  • Block salt will be pure white
  • 100% salt
  • Handy finger grips built into the salt block
  • On the top profile will look square
  • Highest quality salt to give extra life to your soft water machine
  • UK suppliers and distributors

All our block salt is sourced from UK distributors and goes through quality checks to ensure your water softener machine has the highest-grade of salt working within the softener machine.

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Our Block Salt in Southampton


Original Block Salt

The Original Standard Block Salt is for the original twin cylinder non-electric water softeners.

Our block salt is Grade A / food quality salt (standard BS EN973), with no caking agents or harmful minerals that could damage your machine. Blocks are suitable for all traditional block salt water softeners.

Our Block Salt in Southampton

Mini Curve Block Salt

The Mini Curve Salt Block is the latest in salt innovation offering an even lighter, more compact block that is easier to handle and store.

Made fromGrade A / food quality salt (standard BS EN973), with no caking agents or nasties the Mini Curve Salt Block is perfectly shaped to fit into the TwinTec Cobalt. It is not suitable for traditional block salt water softeners.

But Beware - not all block salt is the same!

So what should I look out for?

We have seen in more recent years, block salt suppliers selling block salt that is either off white/grey and in some cases yellow in colour.

These salt blocks will typically hold grit and other minerals that will be too hard for the water softener to breakdown into brine or water. Leaving you with a grit sediment on the base of the salt hopper, in the brine or disrupting the flow of water at the outlet pipe on your machine.

New Harveys' Packaging

Thousands of our customers will have regularly seen the Harvey’s packaging (Black and White with 2 characters). In 2018 Harvey's block salts rebranded and have new packaging.

Harvey's packaging

High quality block salt

You can rest assured that we only sell the best, high quality block salt.

Our block salt is made from 100% pure food grade salt and contains no additional chemicals or anticaking agents.

Salt is an essential element to enable your water softener to work correctly and efficiently and get rid of the calcium and magnesium in the water. Block salt cleans out your water softener and keeps it running efficiently and effectively.Your water softener will not work without it so it is important to replenish your block salt as soon as it runs out.

Water softeners remove the minerals in hard water by catching them in the resin within your water softener. The build-up of minerals in the needs to be flushed out regularly and so your water softener 'regenerates'. Your water softener regenerates one cylinder at a time: the amount of water passing through the first cylinder is measured by a water meter and when enough water has passed through, the second cylinder takes over. Meanwhile, the first cylinder regenerates by flushing out this mineral using a mixture of soft water and sodium (salt).

All you need to do to keep this process running smoothly is refill your softener's salt every few weeks using Twintec block salt, which is much easier to handle than loose salt. Simply slot the required amount of block salt into the device at a set time.

Our block salt is compatible with block salt water softeners from most main manufacturers.

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